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Build and Monitor your KPIs

Managers build their staffs KPIs and evaluate them periodically; through our solution you can build yours through the form builder and evaluate calls accordingly. You can build KPIs for various departments or projects. The reporting module has a full reporting feature to all activities, including graphical reports of staff scores, reports of each call’s evaluation, evaluation reports for all evaluated calls per staff, comparison reports between staff in the same group, and other rich sophisticated reports.

LogFinity Quality Management

LogFinity Form Builder

Monitoring, evaluating and coaching your employees

Feedback and performance evaluation of staff are major concern of management, quality management solution identify the areas of your concern in order to give focused trainings, thus boost staff performance and productivity. Managers can coach their staff on a recent evaluation interaction easily, and on the other hand staff can self evaluate themselves on company Key Performance Indicators.


Random Selector

Random-Selector module selects calls based on predefined criteria, it helps supervisors to reduce time selection, and ensure that calls selection is fair and out of any human control.

Form Builder

Form builder module helps the administrator to build custom sections, questions, answers and weights. Multi forms could be built and could be used during different evaluation sessions.

Evaluation project

Evaluation project assigns calls selection, agents and a form to supervisors for evaluation purposes. Multi projects could be used in different evaluation sessions.

Form Evaluation

Supervisors use this module to evaluate selected calls on a selected project. When the supervisor starts listening to the chosen call, he will start answering the questions and start filling up the forms with agent’s scores. He also can start adding tags and notes to each evaluated call.

Self Evaluation

SUpervisor can instruct agents to do a self-evaluation for certain calls, this help the agent to understand the evaluation process and KPIs in order to improve performance by bridging the gap between what is expected from him/her and what did he/she do in reality.


360 Degree Reports

To give contact center a full description and an easy way to understand their agents’ performance. The reporting module has a full reporting feature to all activities within the Quality Management Solution, including graphical reports of agents’ scores, reports of each call’s evaluation, evaluation reports for all evaluated calls per agent, comparison reports between agents in the same group, and other rich customizable reports.

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