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    Increase your employees productivity, improve your corporate

    compliance, and reduce company-wide costs.





Single Interface That Manages all Communication: Phone, Video, Chat, Email, Fax, SMS, and Social Media

Whether your customers are communicating through phone, chat, email, fax, SMS, or social media you will have a consistent and enhanced customer experience by providing agents with a popup screen that can launch third party applications and bypass the call information such as caller ID and caller Name. CTI integrates with most CRM and HelpDesk systems like Microsoft CRM, Remedy, Citrix, and many others, creating a complete Turnkey Contact Center solution tailored to your need.

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Employees are the most important work force of any company

Whether you are an SME or a large enterprise, staff reports on attendance, training, leaves, travel records, appraisals, competencies, project records, tasks, and health and safety issues are easily tracked and reported. Increase employee productivity, improve corporate compliance and reduce company-wide costs through an easy-to-use solution. You can enable your company’s news, events, policies, and any other information to be published and communicated easily and effectively to your staff.

Empower your staff with self service capability

Reduce manual workload, empower managers and employees through self service options and more effectively manage your human capital. You can also customize your payroll system to adhere with various environments. Add your own payment process and your own payment slip design, and you can export your payments to Excel file or PDF easily.

Easy Access and powerful security

Giving you the ability to modify the security based on your requirements, you only grant permission to employees to access pages they need, thus decide what type of permission an employee can have for each separate page. You can add and modify staff information easily and you can allow employees to modify specific information related to them. You will have 3 portals, employee, manager, and HR administrator giving employees in every organizational level an easy way to access necessary information..


Number of Employees

HR Plux can handle any number ofemployees, so it works formedium-sized to large-sized companies.

Customizable Payroll

HR Plux gives you the ability to customize itso fits any payroll system; you can add your own payment process and asmany processes as you want


HR Plux gives the user an easy way to runpayments and payment reports using a very easy step by step wizard..

Screen Capture

To get a full overview of an agent's interaction during the call, LogFinity Screen Capture records the agent's screen activities. It enhances the benefits of using the recording system by synchronizing both the desktop activities and the phone conversation with one easy-to-use system that will make an agent’s evaluation and analysis more accurate and powerful.

Many HR Management modules

HR Plux covers most of the HR personnel needs of the company's human resource management.

Easy Staff Information pages

HR Plux allows HR administrators to add andmodify staff information easily.

Easy Access Portals

HR Plux consists of 3 portals, EmployeeSelf-Service (ESS), Manager Self-Service (MSS), and HR Administration-Service (HRAS) ; itgives each employee in every organizational level an easy way to access necessary information.

Powerful Security

HR Plux gives you the ability to modify the security based on your requirements


This system can be viewed in one page, thenthe user can decide which portal he/she wants to access

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