BillingFinity Call Accounting

Keep track of all call numbers, call times and number of calls per employee

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TeleFinity CC Dashboard

All Types of PBXs Call Managers

Integrate with any other telephony solution you have, insuring low infrastructural costs and achieving maximum reliability and scalability. You can connect it with any PBX, including: Cisco, Avaya/Nortel, Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens, Mitel/Ericsson/Aastra, Asterisk, NEC, Mitel and many more.

Save Your Telecom Budget by Tracking it in Real Time

Automatically track, record, and report exactly how much time is spent on your calls, and see the call origin and destination. Easily manage heavy volume calls, thus saving costs in bill back and locating fraud calls. Through real-time call tracking you can quickly and accurately track your calls in real time, and identify telecom expenses. It also provides easy to read call volume and trunk usage graphs that help you keep your telecom budget on track.

Billing and Call Accounting System

Get Your Reports the Way You Want, When You Want

Manage your telephone costs and increases your company’s productivity by eliminating the guesswork and being in control with the TeleFinity call accounting solution that keeps track of call numbers, call time,and number of calls per employee. Automated reporting via email makes it possible for appropriate users to get system reports, decreasing demand on system administration.


Advanced Reports

Tracking call activity and costs is easy with BillingFinity’s comprehensive reports, which was developed for businesses of all types. The efficient speed and robust power of the database engine that BillingFinity was built upon allows users to quickly retrieve information based on specific extensions, departments, clients, dialed numbers, account codes and more. Extensive and flexible reports are all included in BillingFinity. The reports could be exported in different formats such as PDF and Excel, and have extensive filtering capability built in.

Scheduled Reporting

Automated reporting via email makes it possible for the appropriate users to get system reports, decreasing demand on system administration. After selecting the desired reports, defining the filters, and adding the email addresses, the built-in scheduler will email the selected reports automatically according to the selected parameters

Real-Time Call Tracking

BillingFinity quickly and accurately tracks incoming and outgoing phone calls in real time. Additionally, it identifies telecom expenses, fraud, emergency calls, and alarm conditions. It also provides easy to read call volume and trunk usage graphs that help you keep your telecom budget on track. ..

Emergency Notification

Monitor any special numbers you want to watch. With this feature, all you need to do is to enter the numbers you want to monitor. Each time a call is made to or from these numbers, an email will be generated automatically to alert you. This feature can be used for emergency alerts. ..

Flexible Cost Calculation

With calling rates often changing, BillingFinity provides you with a tool to allow you to update the rates. Rate profiles are embedded in BillingFinity, which automatically changes the calling rates at a previously scheduled time. .


Using the statistical reports generated by BillingFinity, you can pinpoint the peak periods in your office. You can also make use of the reports to view the number of calls made and received by the respective departments. .


BillingFinity has the ability to send fully-detailed alarms and notifications to the proper user via email and SMS. Alarms remove the burden of manual system monitoring and scanning, thus freeing IT administration resources for other duties. .


BillingFinity can be integrated with any enterprise system, enabling rich features with minimal time and effort, which is ideal for integration with accounting and hotel billing systems, for example. ..


Thousands of extensions tracked from a single machine and multiple sites can be connected to a centralized server, making BillingFinity extremely scalable to meet any growing business’s telephony needs..

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